How to choose the right shoes?

Not only the fair sex, but also men should be able to choose the right shoes. Shoes should be comfortable, comfortable, in harmony with clothes and complement the male image. Going to the store to buy shoes, it is necessary to take into account several important nuances:

It is impossible to save on shoes. It is best to buy shoes in specialized branded stores. There are always the coolest and high-quality models available. Trademarks from Spain and Italy have a good reputation.
Before you start buying, you need to decide on the size and style of shoes. In branded shoe stores, all purchases are accompanied by the issuance of a warranty card.
To further emphasize your taste and image, you need to opt for leather shoes. Genuine leather is characterized by comfort, durability, high status and durability.
When choosing shoes, it is necessary to pay attention to the sole, of what material it is made. Often the upper and sole of shoes are made of leather, such models will not last long, they will quickly be erased. It is recommended to buy shoes with a leather upper and a high-strength sole, which is made of wear-resistant materials. It is important that the appearance of the shoes is combined with the sole, while the shoes should not be heavy.
An important criterion in choosing shoes is its color. It must be selected in accordance with the basic image and shade of clothing. Brown and black shades are considered the most fashionable, although light shoes have also become fashionable recently. The most important thing here is to remember the following rule – light is combined with light, dark – with dark.
When choosing a style, you need to give preference to the classics. It can be worn in any season, with any clothes.
Before buying, it is advisable to check whether the shoes retain their shape when pressed, how quickly the dent disappears from their surface. Shoes should be elastic and not be deformed.

With what to wear?

Men’s shoes belong to the traditional type of shoes that are worn in cold weather. The main characteristic feature of shoes is their boot – it completely covers the leg to the ankle. To create an individual style in winter, every man needs not only to choose the right shoe model, but also to determine its color. Chocolate or brown shoes have become fashionable this season. They look nice with gray, beige and green trousers. In addition, brown shoes are suitable for blue, burgundy and orange clothing. To create an urban style with brown shoes, it is enough to wear blue or blue jeans. As an upper outfit, you can use a red or cream sweater, a green and brown shirt. It is recommended to complement the image with an accessory such as a turquoise or red scarf.Much less often, men prefer to wear light shoes. They are usually chosen for business meetings or official events. You can beautifully complement sand or beige boots with jeans of light gray or white color. Brown, blue and green colors also harmonize with light shoes. At the same time, it is very important to choose the right belt color to match the shoes.

The main types of sole material

Rubber and polyurethane soles are considered a practical option for men’s shoes. The only drawback of “rubber” is its property of “turning to stone” at low temperatures. If you buy high-quality shoes from well-known manufacturers, you do not have to worry about the strength and durability of the sole. Most modern manufacturers in the manufacture of shoes use the process of vulcanization of the sole. Thanks to modern technologies, such a sole has a neogard and technogard coating, is tightly attached to the shoe, never passes moisture when worn. In addition, some men’s shoes have a glued sole.